The First GTSR Has Been Delivered

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    News Flash 16th May 2017
    The First HSV GTSR Has Been Delivered.

    Today at a Holden Dealership in Victoria, a Mirror finished Phantom Black GTSR rolled off the showroom floor into the waiting arms of its new owner.

    Following this momentous occasion was a small group of fellow prospective GTSR owners looking on with excitement. The new owner was graciously keeping his compatriots well informed of the progress with High Resolution Pictures and Video. Feeding the newly formed group of soon to be owners.


    THE SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZING, welldone and Thank you HSV.

    The online banter was quite entertaining.

    If you have ordered your HSV GTSR and are waiting patiently wondering how you will pass away the hours as your wait..... come join the rest of the gang, and Register with our little Club Today.

    Fine Print: You need to verify your eligibility by providing some form of proof of order / ownership.
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Discussion in 'News' started by AIR, May 16, 2017.

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