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    Welcome to our Club Website

    The GTSR Owners club, is an online unofficial club. With a focus and directive to connect car enthusiasts that will be taking deliveries of their 2017 HSV GTSR Vehicles.

    Together we aim to promote and encourage a fellowship amongst our members, sharing topics and discussion on all things related to the GTSR. Co-ordinate events and cruises.

    To Become a member, you will need to have an eligible vehicle. And complete the required information on the registration form.

    Eligible Vehicles
    • 2017 HSV GENF3 GTSR
    • 2017 HSV GENF3 GTSR W1
    • 2017 HSV GENF3 GTSR Maloo
    and Honary 1996 HSV VS GTSR


    Registration is currently Free - Become a Club Founding Member today
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Discussion in 'News' started by AIR, May 12, 2017.

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